Is An Etsy Shop Refresh the Secret to Increase your Sales? Find out…

Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you refresh your Etsy page you begin with…

Sorry, I love the Sound of Music and that probably won’t be the last time I quote a musical.

So here is where I am starting…

I opened my Etsy shop in 2009, I really wish I would have saved some snapshots of what my shop looked like back then. Fortunately for me I have a graphic arts friend who designed my banner but my pictures that’s another story… Let me just say, >cringe< and yikes! It always helps to put things in perspective when you can see how far you have come and you have to start somewhere! I do have some of my first jewelry product photos from my shop. I cringe when I see them but here are some side by sides with a recent product photo.

To be fair, my newer line of jewelry is brighter to begin with, but come on(!) my old pictures are pretty dark and have a “bottom of the junk drawer” feel to them. Not exactly my best foot forward to wow people with my lovely jewelry. Another point to note, the new pic on the left was taken with my iPhone the pics on the right, my originals, were taken with a decent to nice camera that I obviously didn’t know how to use.

I have changed up my jewelry line from “One of a Kind” only to mostly “Made to Order” production pieces. Or since my sales are not high, that translates to – made to order one at a time but designed so that I can make multiples as a production line and if I really start selling a lot, some of the components of the pieces can be produced out-of-house.

So what I am starting with

  • 18 products in my shop.
  • Out of those 18, 5 have refreshed photos, product descriptions, refreshed current SEOs.
  • I have also redone my About page, Policies, used the Shop Updates a couple of times.
  • I have created a shop template so that I have a back up saved copy on my computer of my shop sections
  • I have created a product template that is standardized and can be used for each new product so my descriptions are uniform, in addition each new product will have a saved version of the product description etc. to my computer

My Sales as they stand right now for 2017, as you can see they are down from last year quite a bit and sales are a whopping $494.00

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 10.09.34 AM

What I want to work on now and document

  • Refresh of all remaining 13 products including photographs, product description, pricing and SEO tags
  • Adding products to my shop to reach that magical mystical number of items
  • Testing product photos with Whatify.*
  • Adding social media, I already have a Pinterest account and Instagram but both without a plan and few posts

I have read quite a few posts on Shop Refreshing, Etsy Shop Facelifts etc. Here are some of my favorite:

Morgan Nield of Little Highbury on Etsy, this link will take you to a list of a bunch of different ways to update your shop.

Jenni of Fuzzy and Birch on Etsy, this link will take you to a list of free tutorials for boosting sales including a free shop critique and a free shop makeover bootcamp.

SO that is where I am starting, I want to complete these vague objectives (that I will be defining in detail as I begin each one) to start with a fresh shop January 1, 2018. That is a tall order, let’s see how I do!

* Affiliate link disclaimer – Whatify has a free/trial service but if you happen to subscribe I get a small commission. Cheers!