Increase Your Sales: What Experts Say About How Many Products You Should Have in Your Etsy Shop

Have you ever wondered what industry experts say about how many products you should have in your Etsy shop to increase your sales? Heads nod, yes! What is this elusive number, this magic number where Etsy success is guaranteed?

Have you ever tried to find this information?

Right! Me too and it is hard to find, there is much speculation and even other blog posts and articles about the unavailability of information surrounding this number. It’s like the Holy Grail of Etsy shop success.

But the truth is, it isn’t. After all the reading and searching I have done, there is no magic number but there are some really great guidelines from some respected successful Etsy sellers that have helped me decide my next move for my product line. I have outlined this information below from my favorite Etsy business advice gurus and my plan for implementing these ideas.

First we’ll start with Marketing Artfully, Tara Jacobsen does a mini research project where she checks the number of top listings in a variety of categories to see what number of products these sellers have in their shops. You can read the full blog post here.

After checking 6 categories and the top 10 shops from each the number Tara arrives at is: about 172. Ta da! Except no, she says that honestly from the shops she would actually want to follow their lead (i.e. I’m guessing nice site, good photos, quality products etc.) the average is about 120. Tara also mentions some good points and that more products usually seem to mean more sales.

In addition, try to picture yourself as a buyer wandering in to a virtual Etsy shop or a brick and mortar shop for that matter, and seeing a handful of items. It makes you feel that something isn’t right or the seller isn’t really around. Try it sometime, browse around Etsy to buy something and see how each shop makes you feel.


Next we’ll travel to the Fuzzy and Birch Blog where Jenni gives us some great advice, and if you browse around her site she shows just how many sales she makes monthly. You can read the full post here “The One Thing All Top Etsy Sellers Do That No One Talks About”:

  • You are a “needle in a haystack” – The more items you have = the more chances you have to be found
  • Don’t increase your products to get to a number, increase with quality products only – she mentions that customers can smell desperation and will happily move on to another seller
  • The most important point is that you add items regularly to your shop
  • She also points out that regular additions will also give you a SEO boost

There is a nice graph of her almost flat line low sales that suddenly begin to climb steadily and she points out that is where she started adding new items regularly to her shop.

So in my shop Jenny Treiber, I have 18 products and my sales reflect that. So with all that I have read this is my plan and I am implementing it NOW:

  1. Add 2-5 quality products one week every month – This is what I think I can comfortably do while not decreasing quality, will adjust as needed.
  2. Check and share sales and stats once I hit 40 products through 120 (for some reason 40 has always been a magic number in my head so we are starting there)
  3. Also spend time filling out my current line in a reasonable way – more about this in my next post “Adding Quality Items to your Etsy Shop”. Also this will help me increase my product line faster without sacrificing the quality of my jewelry.

Good luck! Having 3 items in a shop is cool if you live in Brooklyn but if you don’t: Get to work making your shop less empty and more inviting!

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