Mastering the Art of Etsy Success 2018

My name is Jenny and I am a procrastinator. I make jewelry and having been selling it one way or another for about 15 years. I love metal and stones and I am weirdly passionate about jewelry (ahem I barely wear it) and if I could wake up tomorrow and focus on creating wonderful things for others to wear I would be happy as the day is long.

I read blogs about business and jewelry and art…I listen to podcasts about business and jewelry and art, I read books, I subscribe to “tribes”, I have apps and widgets and giggle moos (not a real thing), I visualize, I chant oh and I went to art school, the list goes on trust me. But then it happens – FROZEN. I’m frozen with self doubt and a million other really credible reasons.

But I have realized dear friend, that reality and credibility are nothing more than perception. And Perception is everything.

Come along as I master the art of Etsy success. I will share my unfiltered activities compounded from all the wonderful Etsy and entrepreneurial advice I have consumed over the last almost half of my life. I will share my mistakes and bumbling efforts to follow said advice and use the tools that have been given to me.

First blog postIMG_0488

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