Top 3 Ways to Instantly Add Inventory to Your Etsy Shop Without Looking Desperate

Two posts ago I shared the super secret magic number of What Industry Experts Say about How Many Projects you Should Have in your Etsy Shop.

Well not really, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t a magic number per say but I was going to start by adding inventory to my Etsy Shop to get to 40 products and then increase to 120. And I was going to do that by regularly adding new, high quality, inventory that fit my current line and aesthetic. But one other way to increase your inventory faster is to expand your current line.

Here is a great article by Morgan Nield “5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adding New to your Etsy Shop” and can help you determine what new inventory will add to your current line.

It makes sense that if you start adding whatever you can find or make to your Etsy shop willy nilly, people are going to be able to tell and instead of helping your chances of people finding, liking and buying your products it will actually just be a waste of your time. So today I’m showing my strategy for adding meaningful, awesome inventory to your shop TODAY, possibly without making anything new. Maybe even if you are super lucky without taking any new pictures or writing any new product descriptions! Oh boy!

So here they are, my top 3 ways to instantly add inventory to your Etsy shop. Separate your products into different listings by:

  1. Color, finish (something that doesn’t necessarily change the price)
  2. Material (possibly a price change here)
  3. Size (not like size S shirt vs. size L, but larger version of same product)

Some guidelines and notes with these changes:

  1. Color, finish
  • Let’s say you have a T-Shirt for sale and it comes in Green, Blue and Purple. Someone searches for a purple T-shirt and your product shows up on the first page with a picture of a Green Shirt and the option to select color at checkout. Most likely that person won’t even notice or click on your shirt because it looks to be the wrong color. You can keep the option to pick a different color but now should add 2 more listings with the first pic as Blue and then Purple.
  • Walah! You turned 1 listing into 3 listings but if someone looks at your green shirt they still have the option at checkout to select another color and chances are you might already have a picture of the shirt in the other colors, no need to rewrite your description or pictures (you will want to revisit your SEOs Etsy Tags and keywords), just make sure your first picture reflects the main color. You can select “copy” when you are viewing the listing and then just update as needed. Copy picture
  • Another added bonus, since you can select “color” when posting an item, that is another way Etsy helps people find you and now you have 3 different listings with 3 different colors.

2. Material

  • If you have a Blue clutch purse that comes in 3 different material options, you can list them out as three different listings, again same idea as above but for this one, the price might be different between options depending on price of materials. This helps with confusion between pricing, your lowest option price will only be listed on your thumbnail in your shop unless the person click and chooses an option once selecting the product.
  • Make the change noticeable in your first picture, i.e. use picture #2 of your initial product if it is the same product essentially but a different option. For my Gold Filled ear cuff, I also offer it in 14k Sold Gold, quite a difference but essentially in a photograph they look the same. See example below, left item is the Gold Filled Ear Cuff and the right one is the 14K Gold Ear Cuff.
  • If you subscribe to Whatify, (note this is an affiliate link), you can do what I did and put your top 2 photos in position 1 and 2 and set up a test through Whatify. They will test over 1 month switching between photos to see which picture gets the most clicks and can tell you how much more revenue this will generate per month. In addition if you go with their recommendations you can switch your pictures with just a click of the mouse.

Two variations pic

3. Size

  • Having a variation in a size could be based on actual size i.e., small vs. large. I have seen Columbia Sportswear do this with Plus Size options and I think it’s nice to call out something that is not always available as a separate product.
  • I used this option with two items I have for sale, the above Ear cuff also comes in a wide cuff version that I used to just have listed as a variation and now have as another listing all together.

So here are my top 2 items, my Gold Ear Cuff and my Gold Conch Ear Cuff.

Top 2 Sellers Pic

For both of these listings, I am currently working expanding them from 2 listings to 10 listings and if I include the wide/larger version of this ear cuff (I have had listed in the past) that would double to 20 items. Most of which I already have pictures for and descriptions will only change slightly. I will however revisit my SEO Etsy Tags to make sure that I’m not duplicating too many and still have up to date focused Keywords.

Not only does this mean when someone searches for a “silver ear cuff”, they will get that item with the corresponding photo but it increases my chances of being found by someone in general. In addition to doing this with products I already have for sale in variations, my next step will be to create entirely new variations on products I already have for sale in the midst of designing entirely new pieces.

Please share in the comments what great ways you have of expanding your Etsy product line easily and authentically. I’m sure I’ve overlooked some things and would love to add to my strategy. Thank you!

Video Tutorial on Listings Variations and Inventory Management

Article Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash



3 Goal Setting Behaviors that Guarantee Failure

There is a common question being asked in all my business success and Etsy research and most recently coming out of my husband’s mouth, “what are your business goals for 2018?”. My answer was “make more money?” duh. I didn’t say duh to my hubby because I love him and he brings up a great point. I need to set some financial goals for my Etsy business.

So I’m going to pause for a moment and write some specific goals. I don’t really like the word goal because I think the next word that immediately comes to mind is FAIL. So let’s call this plan My Financial Destiny for 2018.

Here is a nice short-ish article on successful goal setting from Huffington Post . According to them the top 3 goal setting behaviors that guarantee failure are (and what I’m doing to counteract):

  1. No Accountability – I started this blog: this makes me accountable to an outside influence since I’m an “Obliger” * even though no one might be reading this yet when I published my first post I felt immediately vulnerable, like some big security camera had just swiveled towards my house and zoomed in while I was peeing.
  2. Unrealistic Expectations – I was tempted to try for $24,000 + and create a second income essentially but that number doesn’t feel attainable to me (see believe it achieve it)
  3. Incongruency between what the person says they want and what they really want- the example given was a person going to the gym and not enjoying the workouts – for me this translates to keeping it in the fun zone, i.e. maybe don’t make a line of jewelry that is based only around what is popular, be true to what I love so that increase in success = increase in happiness. I already have a regular paycheck, what I’m really looking for is to love what I do for a living.

My Financial Destiny for 2018

  • One Sale a Day – this seems to be a common idea with Etsy business people and sounds fun.
  • Increase total sales to $10,500 in 2018 – if I sell 1 of my best selling products for 365 days the total is 2 dollars shy of this number. Obviously I’m already behind this month but I’m hoping for others sales from my new products etc.

This is a very short list but I’m keeping it simple and achievable, each of these points can be expanded with more details as I go along. Also having a kind of mission statement for the year I can check back in with new ideas and plans to see if they align with my statements and keep me focused.

* I heard another really great Tim Ferriss interview with Gretchen RubinExperiments in Happiness and Creativity. Specifically the part on the Four Tendencies Quiz which I’ve linked so you can take it yourself. I am an Obliger, meaning I actually will follow through if an obligation is external but often times can resist internal obligations and being accountable to myself. So even though Tim Ferriss makes a great point about all the tools available that can help you be accountable, such as pledging money to an awful charity if you don’t do X, that still requires me to do the first part and if my boss doesn’t expect me to, chances are I won’t.

Update: Since writing this I have started using this exercise daily and at work. First thing in the morning at work I make a short 2-3 item list answering the questions – if I only had 2 hours to work today what would I want to get done? and/or What would make the most impact today? This has been super helpful in directing my day, I have a tendency to drift on side projects, emails and people who want my attention immediately. I can always come back to my list to prioritize. Cheers!


Increase Your Sales: What Experts Say About How Many Products You Should Have in Your Etsy Shop

Have you ever wondered what industry experts say about how many products you should have in your Etsy shop to increase your sales? Heads nod, yes! What is this elusive number, this magic number where Etsy success is guaranteed?

Have you ever tried to find this information?

Right! Me too and it is hard to find, there is much speculation and even other blog posts and articles about the unavailability of information surrounding this number. It’s like the Holy Grail of Etsy shop success.

But the truth is, it isn’t. After all the reading and searching I have done, there is no magic number but there are some really great guidelines from some respected successful Etsy sellers that have helped me decide my next move for my product line. I have outlined this information below from my favorite Etsy business advice gurus and my plan for implementing these ideas.

First we’ll start with Marketing Artfully, Tara Jacobsen does a mini research project where she checks the number of top listings in a variety of categories to see what number of products these sellers have in their shops. You can read the full blog post here.

After checking 6 categories and the top 10 shops from each the number Tara arrives at is: about 172. Ta da! Except no, she says that honestly from the shops she would actually want to follow their lead (i.e. I’m guessing nice site, good photos, quality products etc.) the average is about 120. Tara also mentions some good points and that more products usually seem to mean more sales.

In addition, try to picture yourself as a buyer wandering in to a virtual Etsy shop or a brick and mortar shop for that matter, and seeing a handful of items. It makes you feel that something isn’t right or the seller isn’t really around. Try it sometime, browse around Etsy to buy something and see how each shop makes you feel.


Next we’ll travel to the Fuzzy and Birch Blog where Jenni gives us some great advice, and if you browse around her site she shows just how many sales she makes monthly. You can read the full post here “The One Thing All Top Etsy Sellers Do That No One Talks About”:

  • You are a “needle in a haystack” – The more items you have = the more chances you have to be found
  • Don’t increase your products to get to a number, increase with quality products only – she mentions that customers can smell desperation and will happily move on to another seller
  • The most important point is that you add items regularly to your shop
  • She also points out that regular additions will also give you a SEO boost

There is a nice graph of her almost flat line low sales that suddenly begin to climb steadily and she points out that is where she started adding new items regularly to her shop.

So in my shop Jenny Treiber, I have 18 products and my sales reflect that. So with all that I have read this is my plan and I am implementing it NOW:

  1. Add 2-5 quality products one week every month – This is what I think I can comfortably do while not decreasing quality, will adjust as needed.
  2. Check and share sales and stats once I hit 40 products through 120 (for some reason 40 has always been a magic number in my head so we are starting there)
  3. Also spend time filling out my current line in a reasonable way – more about this in my next post “Adding Quality Items to your Etsy Shop”. Also this will help me increase my product line faster without sacrificing the quality of my jewelry.

Good luck! Having 3 items in a shop is cool if you live in Brooklyn but if you don’t: Get to work making your shop less empty and more inviting!

The Most Important Thing You Can Do NOW to Overcome Fear of Starting 2018

Do you remember the choose your own adventure books from when you were a kid? Where you could make decisions and follow the path to your very own ending? I feel like my first choice always led to certain death and I would back peddle to my original decision and try again, try again. Well what if you are so afraid of the certain death ending that you never make a decision and end up reading a very short boring story over and over again?

Well if you are like me you might be living that boring played out scenario right now. Why is it that most people constantly create and act out awful, yucky stories in their minds over and over again. Why don’t we pre-imagine wonderful outcomes instead? Softly soothing ourselves with repeated comforting images and memories. I’m sure there is a very good biological reason for this type of mental punishment most of us put ourselves through, like protecting ourselves from real dangers that we don’t encounter anymore post caveman era. Luckily I have found a great tool and it is one thing you can do right NOW to feel better and get started before 2018 even begins!

Fear Setting!

During this great interview with Tim Ferriss by Marie Forleo, “Overcoming Fear, Battling Depression and Finding Self Love”, he talks about a technique he created and adapted from Stoic philosophy he calls “Fear Setting”.

The basic idea of Fear Setting is to:

  1. Identify what you can and cannot control
  2. Focus only on the things you can control – this decreases your emotional reactivity
  3. Visualize the worst case scenarios until you overcome your fear or at least feel relief enough to begin.

You can watch Tim Ferriss’s TED talk where he goes over this in more detail. A great TED talk in general.

I followed Tim Ferris’s advice and took some time, 30+ minutes, to fill out a piece of paper, see my personal Fear Setting exercise below. There are 3 sections or pages:

Section 1: at the top write “What if I…” and then in 3 columns write Define it, Prevent, Repair. In my example I worked with What if I…devoted 110%* of myself to my Etsy business 2018? Then I imagined each of my top 5 fears in the “Define it” section (you can do as many as  you like), thought about how I could “Prevent” my worst fear from coming true, and then if it did (gasp) how could I “Repair” the situation? This is a feeling exercise so it works best if you really try to visualize and feel what you fear could happen, what you would do and what would provide you relief.

*110% of myself is further defined here as 110% of my free time, I have a day job and a hubby and kiddo

Section 2: The second page you will want to really imagine and visualize the question “What might be the benefits of an attempt or partial success?”

Section 3: For the third page, imagine “The Cost of Inaction?” emotionally, physically, financially, etc.) in the next 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years.


For my first page/section, I listed my top 5 fears. My number 1 fear is that I will work my tail off and still FAIL and what I found provided the most relief was the idea that I would have an answer at last. Can I do this? After years of half trying, I could let go of it all and start a new life training to be the next American Ninja Warrior. My second top fear in general is that people will find out I’m a FRAUD. Yuck, I’ve heard that this is high on a lot of people’s list and the truth is when I have received criticism in the past, even if it wasn’t constructive, it was always (I’ll repeat here: ALWAYS) helpful in redefining my policies, products and general business practices. And even though I didn’t include this on my sheet, anyone who attempts to be a goldsmith for a living this long can’t possibly be in for the quick cash and fame.


My second page is quite revealing, because really there is a lot of benefit to just beginning something whole heartedly! And the sad third page, where we see what Jenny might be living in the future. No artwork, no fun and still working for the man. (disclaimer to said “man” if you are reading, I really like my job and consistent paycheck and mean no disrespect, see page 1 column 3 “I have a day job”)

End Result: I really do feel relief and  a type of motivation that I haven’t felt in awhile. Seeing that in 6 months to 3 years my creative professional life will not have changed one bit and the big sad statement of “so much un-made art” reminds me that life is short and I am 40.

Giving myself a timeframe in which to re-evaluate how this is going, i.e. this blog, will also help me to determine if I have indeed come to the end and will go find myself a Ninja Warrior trainer and some spiffy exercise pants.

Is An Etsy Shop Refresh the Secret to Increase your Sales? Find out…

Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you refresh your Etsy page you begin with…

Sorry, I love the Sound of Music and that probably won’t be the last time I quote a musical.

So here is where I am starting…

I opened my Etsy shop in 2009, I really wish I would have saved some snapshots of what my shop looked like back then. Fortunately for me I have a graphic arts friend who designed my banner but my pictures that’s another story… Let me just say, >cringe< and yikes! It always helps to put things in perspective when you can see how far you have come and you have to start somewhere! I do have some of my first jewelry product photos from my shop. I cringe when I see them but here are some side by sides with a recent product photo.

To be fair, my newer line of jewelry is brighter to begin with, but come on(!) my old pictures are pretty dark and have a “bottom of the junk drawer” feel to them. Not exactly my best foot forward to wow people with my lovely jewelry. Another point to note, the new pic on the left was taken with my iPhone the pics on the right, my originals, were taken with a decent to nice camera that I obviously didn’t know how to use.

I have changed up my jewelry line from “One of a Kind” only to mostly “Made to Order” production pieces. Or since my sales are not high, that translates to – made to order one at a time but designed so that I can make multiples as a production line and if I really start selling a lot, some of the components of the pieces can be produced out-of-house.

So what I am starting with

  • 18 products in my shop.
  • Out of those 18, 5 have refreshed photos, product descriptions, refreshed current SEOs.
  • I have also redone my About page, Policies, used the Shop Updates a couple of times.
  • I have created a shop template so that I have a back up saved copy on my computer of my shop sections
  • I have created a product template that is standardized and can be used for each new product so my descriptions are uniform, in addition each new product will have a saved version of the product description etc. to my computer

My Sales as they stand right now for 2017, as you can see they are down from last year quite a bit and sales are a whopping $494.00

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 10.09.34 AM

What I want to work on now and document

  • Refresh of all remaining 13 products including photographs, product description, pricing and SEO tags
  • Adding products to my shop to reach that magical mystical number of items
  • Testing product photos with Whatify.*
  • Adding social media, I already have a Pinterest account and Instagram but both without a plan and few posts

I have read quite a few posts on Shop Refreshing, Etsy Shop Facelifts etc. Here are some of my favorite:

Morgan Nield of Little Highbury on Etsy, this link will take you to a list of a bunch of different ways to update your shop.

Jenni of Fuzzy and Birch on Etsy, this link will take you to a list of free tutorials for boosting sales including a free shop critique and a free shop makeover bootcamp.

SO that is where I am starting, I want to complete these vague objectives (that I will be defining in detail as I begin each one) to start with a fresh shop January 1, 2018. That is a tall order, let’s see how I do!

* Affiliate link disclaimer – Whatify has a free/trial service but if you happen to subscribe I get a small commission. Cheers!


Mastering the Art of Etsy Success 2018

My name is Jenny and I am a procrastinator. I make jewelry and having been selling it one way or another for about 15 years. I love metal and stones and I am weirdly passionate about jewelry (ahem I barely wear it) and if I could wake up tomorrow and focus on creating wonderful things for others to wear I would be happy as the day is long.

I read blogs about business and jewelry and art…I listen to podcasts about business and jewelry and art, I read books, I subscribe to “tribes”, I have apps and widgets and giggle moos (not a real thing), I visualize, I chant oh and I went to art school, the list goes on trust me. But then it happens – FROZEN. I’m frozen with self doubt and a million other really credible reasons.

But I have realized dear friend, that reality and credibility are nothing more than perception. And Perception is everything.

Come along as I master the art of Etsy success. I will share my unfiltered activities compounded from all the wonderful Etsy and entrepreneurial advice I have consumed over the last almost half of my life. I will share my mistakes and bumbling efforts to follow said advice and use the tools that have been given to me.

First blog postIMG_0488